O.U.R. Aftercare = Collaboration

Operation Underground Railroad Aftercare:

What is O.U.R. Aftercare?

The keyword in O.U.R. Aftercare truly is 'Collaboration':

We are committed to the journey of supporting survivors in their healing process. O.U.R. vets and assesses aftercare centers around the world which consists of partnering with different organizations, safe homes and aftercare centers. Aftercare also works directly in collaboration with the O.U.R. Jump Team and government officials to communicate the assessments and potential aftercare centers for children. We then assist in the communication to the center about upcoming rescues and the predicted needs, such as additional social workers or medical professionals in-country.

At this time, O.U.R. has found the most effective model is empowering and supporting in-country aftercare centers. Through collaboration we have been able to support the care of survivors far beyond what we would have been able to do on our own. In order to be most effective we believe that people who have already invested years in the country are the experts and understand the culture far greater than those who do not live there.

It’s the desire of O.U.R. Aftercare that we come in with a servants heart and an empowering spirit.

It is the current practice of O.U.R. Aftercare that before an Operation we build partnerships with in-country aftercare centers that will be able to provide quality holistic care through the healing process of the trauma of trafficking. It is our goal to ensure that a survivor has the resources to receive as much aftercare services as needed. It is our hope, that in time, we will build on the generous support of individuals and corporations to increase the amount of humanitarian aid and aftercare assistance from O.U.R. There are some homes that only have the resources to provide short-term care (3-6 months). Depending on the situation, and when reintegration is not an option, we hope to support increased care for survivors to receive the services they need.

Not all countries allow us to vet and partner with specific aftercare centers. Some countries have pre-determined government appointed centers where children are placed after they are rescued. If O.U.R. is not able to vet the specific aftercare center we invest in building relationships with government social workers so that we can provide assistance if needed. Due to the generous support of many individuals and partnerships, we are also able to provide humanitarian aid based on the need and specific request of the aftercare center. We believe in providing strategic humanitarian aid that is empowering to the center’s short and long term goals.


In April 2020, the foundation "Children Need Families” (CNF) became a project of O.U.R. To further our Aftercare efforts, we now work with children who have been trafficked or who are at risk of being trafficked and help place them with families who want to adopt them.

Children Need Families

We believe ...

... that established, vetted aftercare centers are the experts in their country and we are servants. Servants that believe in empowering dreams, vision and hope for each survivor's future. United we stand in the fight against human trafficking and the healing process of victims that become thriving survivors.

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