Events Archive

Phoenix Rescue Run

December 9, 2017
Phoenix, AZ

Hinckley Dermatology Charity Scramble

August 25, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT

4th Annual "Shine O.U.R. Light" Gala

November 4, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT

Run to Break the Chain- Rexburg, ID

September 23, 2017
Rexburg, ID

Race to Stop Traffick- Dallas

October 21, 2017
Dallas, TX

Rescue OUR Children Run

August 5, 2017
Arlington Airport Trail, Washington

Railroad Run

September 9, 2017
Orem, Utah

Emotional Holistic Awareness Summit 2017

August 14, 2017
Online, August 14-19

Race to Stop Traffick- D.C.

October 7, 2017
Washington, D.C.

Hinckley Dermatology Dinner

August 25, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT

Run to Break the Chain

August 19, 2017
Colorado Springs, CO

Run to Break the Chain- Brian Head, UT

September 2, 2017
Brian Head, UT

Jane Greer and Juxtapose Design - Community Meeting with Tim Ballard for Operation Underground Railroad

September 29, 2017
Stein Erickson Lodge, Deer Valley, Utah

Life on Life Initiative Push Up Contest

October 14, 2017
Louisville, Kentucky

Gift of Freedom Fundraiser

November 14, 2017
Provo, UT

Break the Chain Dallas Dinner

February 22, 2018
Dallas, TX

2 Million Reps for Rescue

October 21, 2017

Winter Fundraiser- Dinner & Show

December 2, 2017
Las Vegas, NV

Ladies Spa Night

March 22, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT

2018 Southern California Gala

May 19, 2018
Newport Beach, CA

Phoenix Rescue Run

December 8, 2018
Peoria Sports Complex

East Valley Phoenix Rescue Run

May 19, 2018
Gilbert, AZ

2nd Annual Hinckley Dermatology Golf Scramble

August 25, 2018
Stonebridge Golf Club | West Valley City, UT

Dallas Race to Stop Traffick

September 3, 2018
Westlake, TX

Seaside Break the Chain Run

August 18, 2018
Seaside, OR

D.C. Race to Stop Traffick

October 20, 2018
Centreville, Virginia

6th Annual "Shine O.U.R. Light" Gala

November 2, 2019

Glue Fest 2018

September 29, 2018
Lehi, UT

Grand Masquerade Gala

September 29, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT

Gift of Freedom

November 10, 2018
Springville, UT

Concert Fundraiser

October 13, 2018
Park City, UT

Las Vegas Run to Break the Chain

October 20, 2018
Las Vegas, NV

Street-Wise Self Defense Course

October 20, 2018
Rexburg, Idaho

An Evening with Operation Underground Railroad

October 20, 2018
Rexburg, Idaho

Operation Toussaint Screening

October 19, 2018
Rexburg, Idaho

Kiya Tomlin Fashion Show

November 17, 2018
Pittsburgh, PA

O.U.R. Arizona Gift of Freedom

November 30, 2018
Phoenix, AZ

An Evening for Freedom

January 19, 2019
Portland, OR

O.U.R. Phoenix Gala (with Special Guest: Lindsey Stirling)

April 12, 2019
Phoenix, AZ

Shine O.U.R. Light- Annual Gala

November 2, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT

Strikes Against Slavery

April 2, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs Run to Break the Chain

August 10, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO

Phoenix East Valley Rescue Run

April 20, 2019
Gilbert, AZ

Patrick Moore Memorial Golf Tournament

May 6, 2019
Carlsbad, CA

Give Back Breakfast

March 2, 2019
Cheyenne, WY

O.U.R. Phoenix Rescue Run

December 7, 2019
Peoria Sports Complex

Sage Creek Drive in the Desert

April 19, 2019
Moab, UT

Alta Dance Academy- The Steps We Take

May 29, 2019
Coeur D. Alene, ID

Human Trafficking Awareness Night

March 7, 2019
Jessieville, AR

Children's Freedom Fun-Run/Walk

May 18, 2019
Escondido, California

A Red Carpet Evening with Operation Underground Railroad

May 22, 2019
Nashville, TN


November 11, 2019
Dallas Athletic Club

3rd Annual Hinckley Dermatology Charity Scramble

August 24, 2019
Stonebridge Golf Club, West Valley, UT
Unless otherwise stated, all listed events are hosted by third parties supporting Operation Underground Railroad.

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We are grateful for these 3rd party organizations who have used their skills to shine a light on this epidemic.

Interested in hosting an official screening/fundraiser by showing one of these films? Email

Operation Toussaint (2018)

Tim Ballard left his post as a special agent for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to form Operation Underground Railroad and go undercover to rescue child sex trafficking victims that he couldn't save when bound by government restrictions. Join Tim and his special forces team as they go undercover in Haiti to bring a ring of sex traffickers who bribed their way out of jail, to justice.

Watch Documentary

The Abolitionists (2016)

The Abolitionists is a 2016 documentary film by Darrin Fletcher and Chet Thomas about a sting mission orchestrated in Colombia by the independent Operation Underground Railroad jump team, led by former U.S. Homeland Security Special Agent Timothy Ballard, countering child sex trafficking.



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