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Operations, Survivor Stories

As told by O.U.R. Founder + CEO Tim Ballard

During the sting operation, Guesno sat in another hotel lobby waiting for us to finish. We had every hope that his son was going to be there. Once we got the kids secure in the police station, I drove over to the hotel with dread in my heart. I had to tell him. Right when I walked into the hotel, our eyes met and he knew instantly. I couldn’t hide the emotion on my face. I sat down. I was unable to speak. 

He started to cry and asked, “They already sold him didn’t they?” I didn’t look him in the face. I stared at the floor instead and just nodded yes. We sat there in sorrow for about 20 seconds, and then he popped his head up and slammed the table. Startled, I looked up quickly. He was smiling. I saw the brightness in his eyes, the same warm glow that I remembered when we first met. I sat back and just looked at him. He sensed my confusion and shared, “Tim don’t you realize what just happened? 28 kids have been rescued. You got the other kids out, right?” 

“Yes, they are all out,” I said slowly, waiting to understand. 

He continued excitedly, “Don’t you realize that if Gardy had not been kidnapped, your team would have never come down here, and those kids would still be in captivity?” 

“I guess I never thought of it that way,” I replied, bewildered and in awe of his attitude.

What he said to me next is perhaps the most profound thing that any human being has ever said to me. Guesno stated, bravely, “If I have to give up my son so that these 28 kids can be rescued, that is a burden I’m willing to bear the rest of my life.” 

To prove that he believed in what he said, the next day Guesno went down to the police station and told them, “I will take any of those rescued kids home. If you can’t find their parents, I will be their father. My wife will be their mother. We will raise those kids who were just rescued in my son’s name.” 

He went home with 8 of those kids. I still see those kids all the time. They call him dad. They are his family now. 

That’s when it hit me all at once. By being thrown down into the most desolate trenches of life, he learned how to turn that light on in the darkness. He heals by giving to others. This light is so powerful, it’s almost tangible. 


John R Thompson
2020-08-06 18:19:12
how can i get involved?
2020-08-09 10:04:21
The question is, did these women get what they deserved or just a slap on the wrist like the @#$&% here in the US? Does O.U.R follow up on the ones the arrest? Government created a COVID app but not a pedo app ? unbelievable. These evil faces should be blasted all over social media on a daily basis.
Robin Gilman
2020-08-19 20:15:16
Do you know of a similar organization to O. U. R. in Canada, or does O. U. R. have branches in Canada?
amber molsbee
2020-08-11 08:23:12
I would've more info on how I can get involved in saving these babies and taking the persons responsible down.
2020-08-26 01:45:35
I would love to work in the aftercare of these children rescued. Working with children who are survivors of sex trafficking is a passion of mine that i would love to fullfill. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
How to be resilient (in 3 not-so-easy steps) - andythenewgirl.com
2020-09-09 13:45:01
[…] is always opportunity in every circumstance. Even the unimaginable. I read about a man named Guesno this week who’s 3-year-old son, Gardy,  was kidnapped. He did everything in his power to track him down. The FBI ultimately caught the kidnappers, and […]
2020-09-15 21:32:22
I would love to cause bodily harm to any pedo. They don't deserve any trial. They already are guilty. Sentence is Death immediate. 12 gage to throat.
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