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As told by O.U.R. Founder + CEO Tim Ballard, continued…

“Apparently, I wasn’t done learning this lesson after the operation. When it was over, I was a mess. I was running on three hours of sleep, and I still couldn’t find the relief of slumber.  Bittersweet thoughts raced through my mind…I am so happy we rescued these 28 kids, but Gardy is still missing. How does Guesno do it? What happened to that brother and sister? 

The thought of those two siblings from the operation kept me up into the late hours most of all. I had felt this bond with them, and I couldn’t move past it. (See part 6.)  

As I laid in the Port-Au-Prince hotel room, I prayed for these emotions to be taken away. If we were to get attached to every kid we help, we would never be able to move on. This process usually worked in the past, but the opposite started happening. The more I prayed, the more I saw the kids. The more I saw them with me in the van on the way to the hotel, the more I saw them in the orphanage. I envisioned them in memories I didn’t have. I didn’t know what it all meant.

I decided to call my wife, Katherine, for help. It was two in the morning when I began telling her the story about Guesno. “You won’t believe this guy! I’ve never seen anything like him, if we made a movie about him, no one would believe it. They would say it’s too far fetched. No one would do this!”

“I want to be like him,” I told her. 

Her response surprised me. “You want to adopt those kids!” she said. 

Now, that was not what I was thinking. That idea hadn’t even touched my mind, so I said no! We had six kids at the time, and I travel for work a lot, so I would never suggest that. But my wife Katherine felt it, she knew we needed to do it. She reassured me, “I don’t need to come down there. But you do need to go start the paperwork and bring those kids home.” 

Four years later, Colin and Coline Ballard came home and joined our Ballard family for good.

So this is the important, life-changing principle I learned, the incredible secret of resilience, taught by Guesno and my wife. If we turn to service and forgiveness in the darkest moments of our lives, we can turn the lights on in the darkness. We can have that light that Guesno has. We can heal. 

2020-07-03 12:44:31
Wow!... Tears ran down my face as I was reading this story. I hope this woman Yvonne, is in jail for life as if she is released, she will only go back to the only way she knows how to make money. She should never be released until she repents of her sins and swears to follow the 10 commandments. I pray that Gardy be found alive and safe. Maybe someone in OUR should fly to the ORGY ISLAND of EPSTEIN and his ACCOMPLICE, Ms. Maxwell to see if they can rescue children buried/chained and condemned on that island. There was so much pedophilia going on in that island that I would not be surprised if many missing children are found there. Why hasn't anyone thought of doing that?
2020-08-03 01:44:15
I would LOVE to have ‘verified’ from an organisation as reputable as O.U.R, the numerous claims made across social media regarding the massive covert worldwide arrests of major /trafficking rings happening in the wake of CoVid. Supposedly 1,000s of children have been rescued from underground & trafficking tunnels. It’s all over social media BUT nothing on main stream. Surely if such WONDERFUL events were taking place O.U.R would be singing the praises of such successful covert operations, even if mainstream media was silent.
Dallas Troy Roquemore
2020-07-07 18:50:29
Great story of resilience, strength and hope in the midst of madness
Malynda Gonzalez
2020-07-15 17:57:07
Please let me know what happens with this case. My heart is broken and at the same time it's filled with hope.
2020-07-16 00:35:17
Lord protect Gardy and all those like him. My heart hurts.
Teresa T
2020-07-19 21:52:10
I applaud you and your team for doing this! Human trafficking has been a hot topic as of late and I'm glad it is! There needs to be more we can do! My fiance and I have 3 children and just the thought of them going missing is more than I can bear. This is a bitter sweet outcome. Oh I pray for dear Gardy to be safe wherever he may be. Sending love and prayers to Guesno, his wife and kids as well as you and your family! I am grateful my sister in-law directed me to your path or I wouldn't have known about this operation and the OUR fam. Stay safe everyone! God Bless
2020-07-23 14:53:47
Such a beautiful and tragic story! I pray to even be a fraction of that kind of person. I hope Gardy is safe and god is keeping a close eye on him. Prayers to anyone who has lost their baby.
2020-07-23 14:54:27
Such a beautiful and tragic story! I pray to even be a fraction of that kind of person. I hope Gardy is safe and god is keeping a close eye on him. Prayers to anyone who has lost their baby. Please keep the babies safe
2020-08-03 01:32:49
The lump in my throat burns, having held back tears desperately trying to get part 8 of story hoping to learn that beautiful beautiful lil boy was saved... I’m a complete stranger and mortified he remains missing, how his own father and mother cope is beyond me - their resilience blows me away. PLEASE KEEP LOOKING STEADFASTLY! Surely one of those selfish women will provide leads if bribed enough. One of them knows WHO brought Gardy!!!! His lil face, so happy and innocent - he needs to be HOME... NOW!
2020-09-09 18:13:48
Praying for Gardy and many other’s to be yet found. That woman knows exactly who bought him and may make a deal. Double cross her for good!!!
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