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Meet Layla! She is the newest furry arrival at Hope Center Indy. 

Todd Jordan of Jordan Detection K9 was surprised to hear that a supporter of  Operation Underground Railroad wanted to donate a Labrador Retriever to the ESD K9 program. His program had yet to include puppies, but Robert Christian, who contributes IT resources to O.U.R., and his wife Jessica, had an idea to donate one of their Labrador puppies to serve as a “puppy pilot program” to Jordan’s existing training. After discussing more, Jordan realized this idea could benefit the residents at the Hope Center.

Layla will be placed into the puppy pilot program at Hope Center Indy where she will live for the next year and be utilized as a comfort K9 for the residents. The program is designed to assist Hope Center residents, many of whom are recovering from domestic abuse, addictions, and human trafficking, in their healing process.

K9 Layla will be trained by both Jordan Detection K9 and her puppy raiser, Emily. Emily is a recent graduate of the Hope Center and is also working there as a full-time employee. Being able to train and raise Layla is benefitting Emily as well, for she is interested in pursuing a career with animals. The love these two have for one another is the gift that keeps on giving!

Once Layla turns a year old and reaches adulthood, she will be trained in Electronic Storage Detection and placed with a law enforcement handler during search warrants to seek out hidden devices that contain child abuse material. K9 Layla will be used on and off the scene, helping fight against exploitation and potentially comforting survivors thereafter. 

We are so grateful for our new furry friend and her puppy trainer Emily! Thank you to Robert and Jessica Christian for the donation!

*Photo courtesy of Todd Jordan Detection K9 (Facebook)

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