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Operation New Territory: UPDATE
O.U.R. in the U.S., Operations, Partners

When law enforcement in these states and countries requested to be our partners, we knew we needed support quickly in order to expand our efforts. Earlier this fall, you answered our call to help fund this Operation New Territory. Over $95,000 was raised, and we are already extending our arm’s reach in the fight against child sex trafficking in these areas!

Here are the latest initiatives we’ve accomplished:

States in the U.S. that recently requested partnership from O.U.R.

“I cannot thank both you and your organization enough for your support and assistance with this effort!” said a Law Enforcement Partner last week from a “New Territory” in the Midwest when our President of Operations told him we could help his department with the additional technology needed.

We began pre-op work in a Latin American country that sent a desperate request for assistance.

We held a special “Aftercare Thanksgiving” trip to a facility in South America where we made repairs, painted, and provided supplies.

Laptops are on their way to a Latin American country for law enforcement to use in a trafficking case.

Thank you for being part of the movement! You are all modern-day Abolitionists.

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DS Barkle
2018-12-30 01:56:07
Why isn't law enforcement utilizing money confiscated in human trafficking ring busts to donate to OUR for your training, the millions of dollars human trafficking brings in, the same way they utilize drug bust money to purchase more equipment enabling them to make even more drug busts?
2019-09-29 14:44:16
I think in order for us good guys to have support, we have to do it the right way. I don't believe that we would get many donations if we used money that we didn't legally own. To fund OUR operations. It's a really big grey line. It's kind of hard to fight the cheating bad guys when we have to follow all of the rules of the game. I understand the point.
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Get the latest stories and ways to join the fight delivered right to your inbox.

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